ABRA Pulls Out of Pitch Music & Arts Festival 2017

Disappointment Strikes: ABRA Pulls Out of Pitch Music & Arts Debut Edition.

By That Festival Site | 19 January, 2017

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Disappointment looms for fans of Pitch Music & Arts Festival 2017, as it was announced that ABRA, the highly anticipated artist, will no longer be able to grace the festival's stage. As the debut edition of this extraordinary event approaches, the news of ABRA's withdrawal brings a sense of longing for her captivating performance.

ABRA, known for her unique blend of R&B, electronic, and experimental sounds, was one of the headlining acts in the diverse lineup that includes Fatima Yamaha, Chrome Sparks, Client Liaison, DJ Tennis, Gerd Janson, Henrik Schwarz, KLLO, Enzo Siragusa, Octave One, Recondite, Toro y Moi, and many others. Her absence leaves a void in the festival's schedule and a sense of nostalgia for the unbridled creativity she was expected to bring to the stage.

Despite this unexpected change, the spirit of unity and creativity continues to thrive at Pitch Music & Arts Festival 2017. Festival-goers can still look forward to a mesmerizing experience with a lineup of 49 other talented artists ready to enthrall the audience with their sonic brilliance and artistic expression.

The debut edition of Pitch Music & Arts Festival promises to be an immersive journey through the realms of sound and art. Set against the stunning backdrop of Mafeking, VIC, the festival celebrates the power of creativity and community. As festival dates draw nearer, the anticipation for this groundbreaking event continues to soar, and attendees can expect an unforgettable celebration of music and arts in the heart of nature. Prepare to dance, explore, and be inspired as Pitch Music & Arts Festival 2017 marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter in the world of music and arts festivals.

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