Decibel Open Air Adds 32 New Artists to 2024 Lineup

Decibel Open Air Expands 2024 Lineup with Charlotte De Witte, Alexander Robotnick and 30 More New Artists.

By That Festival Site | 2 July, 2024

Decibel Open Air Adds 32 New Artists to 2024 Lineup

Decibel Open Air, one of Italy’s premier electronic music festivals, has just announced an impressive addition to their 2024 lineup. The festival, set to take place on September 7th and 8th at Bosco Albergati in Modena, will now feature 32 new artists, enriching an already stellar roster.

Fans were already excited to see heavyweights like Eric Prydz, Fisher, and Charlotte De Witte perform, but the latest additions promise to make the event even more unforgettable. New acts include the legendary Alexander Robotnick, techno maestro Andres Campo, and rising star Jazzy. The eclectic lineup also welcomes Bawrut, Cloudy, Cristina Lazic, and Ivreatronic, ensuring a diverse musical experience.

Festival-goers can also look forward to performances by Marco Faraone, known for his dynamic sets, and Wade, whose energetic style has captivated audiences worldwide. Additional acts such as Analog Hills, Camoufly, Cerrot, and Elisa Bee bring fresh sounds to the festival, catering to a wide range of electronic music enthusiasts.

Decibel Open Air has also made single-day tickets available, allowing fans more flexibility in experiencing the festival. With a lineup that includes a mix of established artists and emerging talents, attendees are guaranteed an extraordinary weekend of music and celebration.

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