Digi Culture & Music Announces 2024 Lineup

Digi Culture & Music Festival Drops 2024 Lineup Featuring Cromby, Elijah Something, MCR-T, and More.

By That Festival Site | 29 November, 2023

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Prepare for a digital symphony as Digi Culture & Music unveils its electrifying lineup for 2024, set to unfold on March 23rd at Thoroughbred Park in Canberra, ACT. The festival promises a sonic journey with a diverse roster of artists, featuring the likes of 6 Sense, Chippy Nonstop, Cromby, Elijah Something, MCR-T, Sam Alfred, Juicy Romance, Flexy Ferg, Swim, X-Coast, and more, totaling an impressive 31 artists.

This one-day extravaganza is not just a music festival; it's a celebration of the digital culture that resonates with the modern generation. From cutting-edge beats to innovative sounds, Digi Culture & Music aims to create an immersive experience that transcends conventional boundaries.

For avid fans and early birds eager to secure their spot at this audiovisual feast, presale tickets will be available starting next Tuesday, December 5th, at 12 pm, followed by the general ticket sale on Wednesday, December 6th. The Thoroughbred Park in Canberra will transform into a vibrant hub where music enthusiasts can come together to celebrate the fusion of digital innovation and musical artistry.

With an eclectic lineup and a commitment to pushing the boundaries of musical experiences, Digi Culture & Music 2024 is poised to be a landmark event on the cultural and musical calendar. Don't miss the chance to be part of this digital revolution, where beats and bytes unite for an unforgettable celebration of Digi Culture & Music.

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