Digi Culture & Music Festival 2024 Expands Lineup with STUM

STUM is set to perform at the Digi Culture & Music Festival 2024, joining a lineup of 32 artists including Juicy Romance and Sam Alfred.

By That Festival Site | 16 February, 2024

Digi Culture & Music Festival 2024 Expands Lineup with STUM Banner

The Digi Culture & Music Festival, set to electrify Canberra's Thoroughbred Park on March 23rd, 2024, just amped up its allure by adding the dynamic STUM to its lineup. This festival, a beacon for electronic music enthusiasts, showcases an eclectic mix of 32 artists, including the likes of 6 Sense, Elijah Something, Flexy Ferg, and Juicy Romance. The announcement of STUM joining the roster adds an exciting new dimension to an already impressive array of talent.

STUM, known for their captivating performances and innovative sound, promises to bring an electrifying energy to the festival, joining other standout acts such as Sam Alfred, X-Coast, LB aka Labat, and MCR-T. With this addition, Digi Culture & Music Festival solidifies its position as a must-attend event for fans seeking a diverse and immersive musical experience. Final release tickets are available for $160, offering attendees the chance to experience the vibrant culture and sounds of the electronic music scene.

As the festival gears up for what promises to be a memorable day of music, art, and community, the inclusion of STUM is a testament to the event's commitment to delivering an unforgettable experience for all.

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