Digi Culture & Music Teases Return in 2024

Digi Culture & Music Festival sets the stage for an electrifying return in 2024.

By That Festival Site | 14 November, 2023

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Digi Culture & Music enthusiasts, get ready for an electrifying return in 2024! The highly anticipated festival, known for its cutting-edge blend of digital culture and music, has just teased its comeback, leaving fans eagerly awaiting more details. As of now, the exact date, location, and other specifics remain shrouded in mystery, heightening the suspense for what promises to be another unforgettable experience.

In its previous installment held earlier this year at Thoroughbred Park, Canberra, Digi Culture & Music set the bar high with a stellar lineup that featured the likes of Ayebatonye, C.FRIM, Kettama, Pretty Girl, Sam Alfred, STUM, Willaris. K, jamesjamesjames, and more. The 2023 edition left festivalgoers buzzing with excitement and anticipation for the next chapter.

Stay tuned as Digi Culture & Music prepares to unveil the magic of its 2024 edition. The festival's commitment to pushing boundaries and delivering an immersive blend of digital artistry and musical prowess is sure to make waves once again. Brace yourselves for an announcement that is bound to send ripples of excitement through the hearts of electronic music and digital culture enthusiasts alike. The countdown to Digi Culture & Music 2024 has officially begun!

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