Great Escape Music Festival 2023 NYE Set Times Now Available

Plan Your New Year's Eve: Great Escape Festival Unveils 2023 Set Times.

By That Festival Site | 21 December, 2023

Great Escape Music Festival 2023 NYE Set Times Now Available

The highly anticipated Great Escape Music Festival, renowned for its NYE edition, has released the set times for its 2023 event, promising a thrilling start to the new year. Scheduled from 30th December 2023 to 1st January 2024 in the scenic Redbanks, Nugent TAS, the festival has already captivated music enthusiasts with all tickets sold out.

Featuring a lineup of 38 diverse artists, the festival includes acclaimed acts such as Middle Kids, Beddy Rays, Hope D, Old Mervs, Pacific Avenue, Teen Jesus & The Jean Teasers, The Terrys, and Chase City. These artists represent a mix of emerging and established talents, poised to deliver unforgettable performances across various stages.

The release of the set times is a crucial element for festival-goers, allowing them to plan their experience to ensure they don’t miss their favorite acts. Great Escape Music Festival's NYE edition is set to be a vibrant celebration of music and community, offering a unique blend of indie, rock, and alternative genres.

Set against the backdrop of Tasmania's stunning natural beauty, the festival is not just a musical journey but also an escape into nature. With the set times now available, attendees can look forward to a meticulously curated music experience, ringing in the new year with great music and great company.

Great Escape Music Festival 2023 NYE

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