Lightning Strikes Cut Cruel World Festival Short

After a weather-induced disruption, the stage is set for Siouxsie and Iggy Pop to rock the rescheduled event.

By That Festival Site | 22 May, 2023

Cruel World 2023 Lightning Strikes Cancelled

Last weekend's Cruel World Festival in Pasadena hit an unexpected bump as fears of lightning saw the festivities ended abruptly. Iggy Pop's electrifying performance was quite literally disrupted by the elements, but the show is set to go on with a rescheduled date on Sunday.

The weather didn't cooperate Saturday, but the organizers have a plan. Siouxsie, the slated headline act who missed the chance to perform due to the closure, is primed for an extended set this Sunday, her sole North American gig in 2023.

On Saturday, fans were in the groove with Iggy Pop, who was mid-way through "The Passenger," when nature intervened. The safety-first move to evacuate the entirely outdoor Brookside at the Rose Bowl was necessary despite the lack of rain.

The silver lining to this stormy episode? Fans were treated to a smorgasbord of talent before the abrupt ending, including notable performances from 80s stars like Gang of Four, Gary Numan, and Billy Idol. Substitutes Squeeze also stepped up to the plate, among many others.

And remember, the rescheduled event will allow free parking and wristbands will be reissued. So, brace for a Sunday of stellar performances, weather permitting of course!

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