Loch Hart Music Festival 2024 Set Times Released

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By That Festival Site | 4 January, 2024

Loch Hart Music Festival 2024 Set Times Released

Nestled along the stunning Great Ocean Road, the Loch Hart Music Festival is poised to captivate audiences from January 12th to 14th, 2024, with a lineup that promises a melodic journey through various genres. As the excitement builds, the festival organizers have unveiled the set times, allowing attendees to chart their course through the musical landscape.

Featuring a diverse array of talent, the festival boasts 25 artists who will grace the stages with their unique sounds. From the psychedelic vibes of Agung Mango to the punk-infused energy of Alien Nosejob and the indie-rock anthems of Children Collide, Loch Hart Music Festival promises a dynamic and eclectic sonic experience.

Among the featured artists are Billy Barker, Dameeela, Lotte Gallagher, Tornado Wallace, and The Vasco Era, each contributing their distinctive styles to the festival's rich tapestry. The unveiling of set times adds an extra layer of excitement for attendees, offering the opportunity to plan their festival journey and ensure they don't miss any of the incredible performances.

Tickets are currently available for $199, granting access to a weekend of live music set against the breathtaking backdrop of Princetown VIC. With set times in hand, festival-goers can now anticipate an immersive and unforgettable experience at Loch Hart Music Festival 2024.

Loch Hart Music Festival 2024

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