Maceo Plex Withdraws from Pitch Music & Arts 2018 Lineup

Fans Disheartened: Maceo Plex Pulls Out of Pitch Music & Arts Festival.

By That Festival Site | 9 March, 2018

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In a last-minute turn of events, Pitch Music & Arts Festival 2018 faced an unexpected setback as it was announced today that Maceo Plex would no longer be able to perform at the highly anticipated event. As festival-goers gathered in the enchanting location of Mafeking, VIC, to embark on a four-day celebration of music and arts, the news of Maceo Plex's cancellation brought disappointment to fans who were eager to witness his mesmerizing set.

Maceo Plex, known for his unique blend of techno and house music, was a highly anticipated headliner among the diverse and star-studded lineup, which already included The Blessed Madonna, Bicep, Avalon Emerson, Booka Shade, CC:DISCO!, DJ Tennis, Kornel Kovacs, Mano Le Tough, Mount Kimbie, Octo Octa, Seth Troxler, and more. His absence left a void in the festival's schedule and a sense of longing for the electrifying experience that he was expected to deliver.

Despite this unforeseen change, festival-goers can rest assured that Pitch Music & Arts Festival 2018 still promises an extraordinary journey through the realms of sound and creativity. With a lineup of exceptionally talented artists ready to captivate the crowd, the festival continues to be a beacon of sonic brilliance and artistic wonder.

As Pitch Music & Arts Festival 2018 unfolds, attendees will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the magic of music and art, forging connections with fellow enthusiasts and creating memories that will last a lifetime. While Maceo Plex's presence will be missed, the spirit of celebration and unity prevails as festival-goers come together to celebrate the power of creativity and community.

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