Now & Again Festival 2024 Faces Uncertainty Amidst Liquidation Crisis

Melbourne's Music Scene Takes a Hit as Now & Again Festival Treads Uncertain Ground.

By That Festival Site | 6 November, 2023

Now & Again Festival 2024 Faces Uncertainty Amidst Liquidation Crisis

In an unforeseen turn of events, Now & Again Festival, originally slated for a February 2024 appearance in Melbourne, is facing a precarious situation with the festival's organizing company entering liquidation. This unexpected development has left ticket holders in a state of uncertainty, raising questions about the fate of an event that, until recently, was generating considerable buzz.

Despite the festival's recent lineup announcement featuring a roster of both international and local artists, including headline acts like Metro Boomin, Golden Features, Milky Chance, Lastlings, Kölsch, and Dusky, the festival's future now hangs in the balance. Troubling signs began to surface when the festival's official website abruptly became inaccessible, and its TikTok account disappeared.

The discovery of the liquidation notice was made by @starkmanjones, a member of our Discord Community. We reached out to Now & Again Festival for comment directly, who stated that they will officially address the situation shortly. With ticket holders hoping for a miraculous turn of events, the harsh reality of the festival's potential cancellation looms ever larger.

An anonymous source connected to the festival's operations cited communication issues as a significant hurdle, resulting in an abrupt cessation of promotional activities. Another insider hinted at underwhelming ticket sales as a potential contributor to the festival's present predicament.

As of this moment, no official statement has been issued regarding the status of the 2024 event. The festival's current uncertainty has left ticket holders in limbo whilst they await clarity on potential refunds. For those who had eagerly anticipated its return and the promised performance by Metro Boomin, the future is marked by a palpable sense of ambiguity, with hopes pinned on a miraculous turn of events.

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