Plane Sailing 2024 Cancelled: Festival Rescheduled for 2025

Plane Sailing 2024: Festival Takes a Break, Promises a Bigger Return in 2025.

By That Festival Site | 5 December, 2023

Plane Sailing 2024 Cancelled: Festival Rescheduled for 2025

Auckland's much-anticipated Plane Sailing 2024 festival, scheduled for January 6th, 2024, has been cancelled. Festival organisers shared the news on today, explaining that they would be taking a break this summer and instead return with a refreshed event in 2025.

In a message addressed to their loyal festival-goers, the organizers said, "To our loyal Sailors, We're taking this summer off and we're going to refuel and return in 2025. Don't stress, our good friends at Audiology are going to keep you partying on Jan 6th with a crazy new concept. We can't wait to be back partying at our home, the iconic Vic Park."

The decision to cancel Plane Sailing 2024 comes as a surprise, as the festival had announced its return earlier in May. However, no lineup was ever revealed, and ticket sales had not commenced.

While festival enthusiasts will have to wait until 2025 for the return of Plane Sailing, the announcement assures them that Audiology, will be stepping in to host an alternative event on January 6th, providing an exciting opportunity for Aucklanders to enjoy a memorable summer day.

Plane Sailing

Plane Sailing


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