Return to Rio 2024 Forced to Cancel Due to Rising Expenses

NSW's Return to Rio 2024 Falls Victim to Regulatory Hurdles and Soaring Costs.

By That Festival Site | 2 May, 2024

Return to Rio 2024 Forced to Cancel Due to Rising Expenses

Return to Rio, the beloved electronic music festival in New South Wales, Australia, has announced with heavy hearts that its 2024 edition will not be taking place. In a heartfelt statement, the organisers expressed deep disappointment over the NSW Festival Act, which has imposed significant financial burdens on electronic music festivals in the region. Due to exorbitant increases in police and medical costs, coupled with stringent regulations, Return to Rio faced a staggering 529% rise in expenses last year, amounting to over $300,000 in additional costs.

The festival, known for its safe and well-run operations over the past decade, found it financially unfeasible to proceed without passing on substantial fees to attendees. Refusing to burden festival-goers with excessive costs, the organizers opted to cancel the event for 2024. They emphasized the unfair targeting of electronic music events in NSW, expressing concern over the potential loss of diversity in the festival landscape.

Despite the setback, Return to Rio remains hopeful for a return in 2025, advocating for a more balanced approach that prioritizes community, connection, and the right to enjoy festivals without undue financial strain. The announcement underscores broader challenges faced by independent and boutique festivals in navigating regulatory hurdles and financial pressures.

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