Splendour in the Grass 2023: 'The Forest' and 'Rainbow Bar' Lineups Unveiled

By That Festival Site | 25 May, 2023

Splendour in the Grass 2023: 'The Forest' and 'Rainbow Bar' Lineups Unveiled

One of the most anticipated music and arts festivals, Splendour in the Grass, has revealed a taste of the vibrant lineups set to entertain the crowds at 'The Forest' and 'Rainbow Bar' stages from July 21st to 23rd at North Byron Parklands.

'The Forest' stage is all set to be a mesmerizing mix of electronic music and visual spectacle. Its roster includes the likes of Unseen Dimensions, Dysphemic, and Twisted Sibling among others. These artists will transform the stage into an electrifying haven for attendees, supplemented by the stunning fire performances by Cinders Ashes and the captivating artwork of Clint Hurrell.

Here's the lineup for 'The Forest':

  • Abel, Captain Cooked, Doppel, Dysphemic, Fraktal Fairie, Fr3aky, Gez, Jamie Lowe, Lilxbit, Matijo, R.I.A., Taya., Themzy, Trip Syndicate, Twisted Sibling, Twitch, Unseen Dimension, Wilma, Yurina, Z.I.V.

On the other hand, 'Rainbow Bar,' the pulsating hub of queer music and dance, is returning for a second year in collaboration with queer party icons, GiRLTHING and POOF DOOF. This stage will come alive with DJs from every genre and colour of the rainbow flag, alongside go-go dancers and an array of special events.

Here's the 'Rainbow Bar' lineup:

  • Nahal, Chela, Crescendoll, Jaman, Jacqui Cunningham, POOF DOOF Superstars, Drag Shows, and GoGo Dancers!

One of the highlights to look out for is 'Sunday Funday,' a joint event by POOF DOOF and GiRLTHING on July 23rd, which will feature drag shows, games, and much more.

Splendour in the Grass 2023 promises to be a memorable journey of music, dance, and artistic celebration. Tickets are available now, so get yours and prepare to experience the magic of these extraordinary stages.

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