10 Best Music Festivals in Adelaide

Experience the vivacious energy as you attend Adelaide's renowned music festivals.

By That Festival Site | 16 August, 2023

10 Best Music Festivals in Adelaide Banner

With a variety of lineups taking over stages and lifting the spirits of music lovers, one can create lasting memories while dancing to captivating music at these iconic festivals. We’ve rounded up a list of popular music festivals in Adelaide that you shouldn’t miss at any cost.

1: Harvest Rock

When: November

Where: Adelaide, SA

Genre: Alternative rock, Indie rock, Indie folk and Shoe-gaze

Harvest Rock is one of the most popular music festivals in Adelaide, known to have a stellar lineup of renowned artists. Apart from music, this event also caters to the diverse tastebuds of attendees by providing the options of scrumptious food items. This two-day annual musical and culinary fest is open to people above the age of 18.

2: Heaps Good Festival

When: Early January

Where: Adelaide Showground, SA

Genre: Rock, Electronic, Pop

Heaps Good Festival is a one-day event that takes place in the centre of Adelaide and features a list of international and domestic artists spanning diverse genres. This musical pilgrimage attracts music lovers from all corners of the world, promising them an exhilarating experience.

3: Spin Off Festival

When: Late July

Where: Adelaide, SA

Genre: Hip-Hop, Rap, Indie, Pop

Spin off Festival is a single-day event held in Adelaide, catering to people who love vibrant beats and exhilarating experience. The eclectic line-up of artists that performs at this festival provides an unparallel experience to attendees. For someone looking for a one-day getaway, this festival is worth attending.

4: Vintage Vibes

When: Late July

Where: Adelaide, SA

Genre: Hip-Hop, Rap, Indie, Pop

Vintage Vibes is a 2-day music festival that places amidst the scenic views of Adelaide Hills. Boasting a line-up of renowned artists and celebrities, this event is a haven for music enthusiasts. Apart from music, a fusion of art and food highlights this festival.

5: Wine Machine

When: March-April

Where: Australia

Genre: Hip-Hop, Rap, Indie, Pop

Wine Machine Festival is Australia’s renowned food, wine, and music festival that satiates the senses of attendees. The best thing about the event is that it is held at the backdrop of mesmerizing vineyards, giving attendees an opportunity to sip local wine while enjoying the show.

6: Grapevine Gathering

When: October – November

Where: Australia Genre: Blend of Indie, Pop and Pop-Punk

Enjoy homegrown wine while cheering to the electrifying performances of international artists at Grapevine Gathering Music Festival. Having a stellar line-up of talented artists from around the world, this event is perfect for people who want a relaxing and pleasurable experience.

7: Listen In

When: October – November

Where: Australia

Genre: Hip-hop

Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing music festivals, boasting power-packed performance of artists at the Listen In Music Festival, held annually in Adelaide. The crowd cheering and dancing together will highlight the communal joy of the people. Overall, this music festival will lift up the spirits of people who love music.

8: Wildlands

When: December

Where: Australia

Genre: Dance music, Electronic beats and Hip hop

With an emphasis on dance music, electronic beats, and hip hop, Wildlands Music Festival boasts a great lineup that fills the inner-city venue with its sounds. This one-day event assembles talent, from local up-and-comers to global superstars, to create a thrilling experience for attendees. Allow the relentless mashes of house, techno, and hip-hop to transport you to other worlds musically while lasers illuminate the night with flashes of color.

9: St Jerome's Laneway Festival

When: Late January - Early February

Where: Australia

Genre: Indie, Indie Pop, Rock

St Jerome's Laneway Festival is an annual one-day music festival conducted in cities all throughout Australia. This urban festival Laneway features a diverse mix of indie, electronic, and hip-hop bands across a number of stages. Modern artists and local performers perform in a variety of settings, from cozy taverns to large warehouses. A festival unlike any other is created by Laneway's chill ambience and eclectic musical selection.

10: Groovin The Moo

When: April- May

Where: Australia

Genre: Indie, Pop, Rap, Hip-Hop

At Australia's top music festival, Groovin The Moo, music enthusiasts can get in the groove. This one-day festival brings an impressive roster of domestic and international artists to regional communities across the nation. Groovin The Moo delivers genre-spanning musical discovery for all tastes, from metal to EDM to hip hop. Let the good times roll as fantastic music and positive energy permeate music festivals in Adelaide.