11 Best Music Festivals in Brisbane

Take in the Brisbane's vibrant music culture through the some of the best festivals the city has to offer. Dance to current hits at Riverstage or discover fresh music at independent venues.

By That Festival Site | 16 August, 2023

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Brisbane festivals showcase versatility with their diverse lineups. Join the music enthusiasts at the upcoming music festivals in Brisbane and dance freely to great performers under the blue skies.

1: Promiseland

When: Late September

Where: Gold Coast, QLD

Genre: R&B, Pop, Rock, Hip-Hop

The Promiseland Festival is a multi-genre live music event that showcases vibrant, culturally diverse music. This annually held event features musical genres and subcultures that have become extremely prominent in the past ten years in the Australian and international music scenes.

2: For The Love

When: February

Where: Gold Coast, QLD

Genre: Dance/Electronic, Pop, Hip-Hop

For The Love is a popular music festival that honors diversity and encourages participation in the community. A strongly engaged audience will be entertained at this event by great artists from many genres. Through the sharing of a passion for music, For The Love cultivates an environment of acceptance where individuals from all walks of life can interact.

3: Wildlands

When: December

Where: Perth, WA

Genre: Dance/Electronic, Pop, Hip-Hop

Wildlands is a popular music festival that focuses on cuisine, beats, and having fun. The lineup of internationally famous performers transforms Wildlands into an energetic playground on stages, making this event one-of-a-kind.

4: Listen Out

When: September-October

Where: Brisbane, QLD

Genre: Dance/Electronic, Pop, Hip-Hop, Afrobeat

Listen Out is a phenomenal event that has taken over towns all over Australia. It attracts large crowds who dance all night long and enjoy the electrifying performances of artists. Listen Out provides an opportunity to lose yourself in heart-pounding beats with its thundering music, stunning visuals, and unwavering crowd energy.

5: Spilt Milk

When: Late November – December

Where: Canberra, Gold Coast, Ballarat, Perth

Genre: Pop, Electronic, Hip hop

The legendary Spilt Milk Music Festival is a thrilling annual occasion that attracts music lovers from all backgrounds. The festival promises to be a soul-stirring celebration of many music and cultures owing to its top-notch musicians' captivating performances. Every year, it is planned to take place in late November or early December.

6: Good Things

When: December

Where: Australia

Genre: Rock, Metal

Prepare yourself for a day filled with enjoyable music and positive energy at the Good Things Music Festival. This popular event features the best in punk, rock, metal, and alternative music by bringing together illustrious artists and promising up-and-comers.

7: St Jerome's Laneway Festival

When: Late January - Early February

Where: Australia

Genre: Rock, Rock, Hip-Hop, Electronic

At Australia's premier music festival, St Jerome's Laneway Festival, find your new favorite band. Enthusiastic music fans flock to venues around the nation because of its reputation for curating lineup of renowned artists. The pleasant atmosphere and eclectic blend of genres at Laneway produce a festival unlike any other. Allow your ears to lead you through the day as you fall in love with the brand-new sounds you hear at every turn.

8: Palm Tree Music Festival

When: March

Where: Sydney, NSW

Genre: Dance/Electronic

At the Palm Tree Music Festival, experience the laid-back ambiance as legendary musicians take the stage and weave hypnotic rhythms into the night. Palm Tree Fest emits a peaceful, tropical ambiance owing to food vendors serving up exotic tastes, creative activities, and upbeat energy. Allow uplifting melodies to whisk you away to distant islands.

9: This That

When: November

Where: Sandstone Point, QLD

Genre: Hip-Hop, House/Electronic

Prepare yourself for a musical journey unlike any other at This That. This popular festival turns Australia into a musical urban playground by showcasing the best and most popular performers in hip-hop and house music. This That event offers much more than just music with art installations, graffiti walls, BMX stunt displays, and more. Experience the energy at Australia's biggest hip-hop and house festival.

10: Springtime

When: Early September

Where: Goldcoast, QLD

Genre: Pop, Rock, Fusion

Top performers from all genres come to Springtime event in Brisbane's stunning parklands and gardens. As a multi-day event, it celebrates creativity in all its forms with pop-up art exhibits, artisan food, and more. Enjoy the warmth of music with the people who love music as much as you do.

11: Sweet Relief!

When: September

Where: Maritime Green, Northshore Brisbane QLD

Genre: Pop, Dance/Electronic

Sweet Relief event is a haven where people are free to express themselves and where unity is cherished. Enjoy the best dance, electronic, and live performers from Australia and overseas when they arrive in Brisbane for the first time this September. Feel a strong connection to the music since inclusion and community are the guiding principles. Through energetic tunes, this welcoming festival cultivates inspiration, belonging, and happiness.