13 Best Music Festivals in Melbourne

Some of Australia's biggest and best music events are held in Melbourne. Every year music enthusiasts from all over the world are drawn there for a lengthy weekend of live music, along with a stellar line-up of artists spanning diverse genres.

By That Festival Site | 10 August, 2023

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Here’re some of the best music festivals in Melbourne that you should attend.

1. Beyond The Valley

When: Late December - Early Jan

Where: Barunah Plains, VIC

Style of Music: Electronic, Dance, Indie, Hip Hop

Every year in Victoria, Australia, there is a multi-day music and arts festival called Beyond The Valley. This event features a lineup of regional and international electronic, indie, rock, and hip-hop bands on several stages. Beyond The Valley is one of the famous music festivals in Melbourne that offers a lively way for music enthusiasts to ring in the new year.

2. Pitch Music & Arts

When: March

Where: Moyston, VIC

Style of Music: Electronic, Dance, Jazz

Pitch Music & Arts music festival is held yearly in Victoria, Australia. The festival boasts a line-up of popular and independent musicians from a variety of musical genres, including electronic, hip-hop, and more. It's a cherished occasion for music lovers looking for new favorites and interacting through creativity.

3. Grapevine Gathering

When: October

Where: Victoria, Queensland, WA, NSW, South Australia (5-Shows)

Style of Music: Pop, Indie, and more

Grapevine Gathering is an upcoming music festival in Melbourne that occurs annually and appeals to all musical interests. This festival embraces a variety of musical styles and offers music lovers an amazing experience, from indie and folk to rock and electronic. Grapevine Gathering is a must-attend festival because of its laid-back atmosphere and gorgeous natural setting.

4. Ability Fest

When: April

Where: Melbourne, VIC

Style of Music: Pop, Indie, Dance/Electronic

Ability Fest is a premier music festival with an infrastructure catering to people with special needs. The best thing about this event is that it is inclusive in nature and hosted annually to transform transforming public perceptions of disability through the power of music.

5. Now & Again

When: February

Where: Melbourne, VIC

Style of Music: Rock, Pop, Indie, Dance/Electronic

Now & Again is a music festival that honours classical and contemporary musicians in Melbourne, Australia. This yearly event debuted in 2016 and boasts the best lineup of talented artists across the city. Now & Again blends the old and contemporary for unforgettable musical experiences with a playful throwback vibe.

6. Rainbow Serpent

When: January

Where: Lexton, VIC

Style of Music: Dance/Electronic

Rainbow Serpent is one of the most famous music festivals in Melbourne that honours electronic and alternative music cultures. This summer festival is held yearly in Victoria, drawing music enthusiasts from all corners of the world. This festival features live artists in the electronic genres as well as renowned DJs. Rainbow Serpent offers a transforming celebration for music lovers.

7. Sun Cycle NYD

When: January

Where: Coburg Velodrome, VIC

Style of Music: Dance/Electronic, Hip-Hop, Rap

The colourful music festival Sun Cycle NYD takes place in Victoria, Australia, on New Year's Day. Thousands of music enthusiasts gather at a picturesque outdoor location to enjoy back-to-back live music performances by stellar artists. Sun Cycle NYD offers music fans the ideal energising start to the year with the best music and a relaxed ambiance.

8. Day By Day Festival

When: February

Where: Bendigo Racecourse, VIC

Style of Music: Dance/Electronic

Day By Day Festival is an annual music festival held in Melbourne, boasting a stellar line-up of international artists. The festival provides a laid-back atmosphere for meeting and getting to know exceptional musicians and offers a lovely experience for individuals looking to enjoy a musical day.

9. Let Them Eat Cake

When: January

Where: Werribee Park Mansion, Melbourne VIC

Style of Music: Dance/Electronic, Hip-Hop, Rap

A unique music festival called Let Them Eat Cake takes place on New Year's Eve in Victoria, Australia.. At this event, everyone dances into the new year with sparkle, glamour, and musical excitement as the clock counts down to midnight. This Gatsby-inspired festival is not to be missed by history and music lovers.

10. Ultra Australia

When: March

Where: Sidney Myer Music Bowl, Melbourne VIC

Style of Music: Dance/Electronic, Hip-Hop, Rap

Ultra Australia is a renowned EDM festival that takes place every year in Melbourne and Sydney. Over the years, it has grown to be one of the greatest dance music events in the country. The festival lasts for several days and features back-to-back performances from stellar artists. Electronic music fans may enjoy an electrifying experience at Ultra Australia owing to its thundering bass drops, stunning light displays, and unending energy.

11. For The Love

When: February

Where: Doug Jennings Park, Gold Coast QLD

Style of Music: Dance/Electronic, Hip-Hop, Rap, Pop

Melbourne, Australia's For The Love is a small-scale music and arts festival that honours diversity. This energetic event takes place every February at various locations throughout the inner city. Attendees groove to the upbeat music and also enjoy art displays, workshops, food vendors, and stimulating debates. Everyone is invited to enjoy art, culture, and community in an inclusive environment.

12. Listen Out

When: September - October

Where: Brisbane Showgrounds, QLD

Style of Music: Dance/Electronic, Hip-Hop, Rap, Drum&Bass/Dab

Listen Out is the main urban and electronic music festival that takes place yearly. Each spring, events for Listen Out take place in Melbourne, along with other cities. This festival offers a premium festival experience to dance and celebrate the newest urban music and culture, complete with thudding basslines, breathtaking graphics, and high-energy crowds.

13. Palm Tree Music Festival

When: March

Where: Melbourne/VIC

Style of Music: Dance/Electronic

Palm Tree Music Festival is a multi-genre music festival that takes place annually in Melbourne. It offers a gorgeous setting for a full weekend of discovering music artists performing live and provides locally produced food and market stalls, surf and yoga sessions, art installations, and camping under the stars.