15 Best Music Festivals in Europe

Visitors from all over the world travel to music festivals in Europe to party.

By That Festival Site | 24 August, 2023

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From top-notch ambiance to top musical artists, music festivals in Europe are an absolute haven for music enthusiasts. Here’s the list of best music festivals that you shouldn’t miss.


When: Late June

Where: Somerset, England

Genre: Rock, pop, techno, jazz and R&B

Glastonbury is a renowned 5-day music festival that takes place in Somerset, England. Over 200,000 people come each year due to its broad mix of music on various stages, including rock, pop, indie, folk, and more. Glastonbury is famous for its enchanted ambiance and breathtaking live performances by the biggest names in music.


When: August

Where: Budapest, Hungary

Genre: Pop, Dance/Electronic, Alternative/IndieRock, Punk, Hip-Hop/Rap, Country, Drum & Bass/Dub

Sziget Festival is held in the picturesque location of Budapest over the course of a week. This event provides an exceptional environment with a blend of music, art, and culture. Sziget music festival hosts rock, electronic, pop, metal, and world music performers and is one of the biggest multicultural music festival in Europe.


When: Late July

Where: Boom, Belgium

Genre: Dance/Electronic, Drum&Bass/Dub, Rock

Belgium hosts Tomorrowland, a popular electronic dance music festival. From local to international, top EDM DJs and producers worldwide perform on various stages at Tomorrowland. For two weekends, thousands of music enthusiasts visit this festival to indulge in the joy that music brings.

AVA Festival

When: Early June

Where: Belfast, Northern Ireland

Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap, Dance/Electronic, Drum&Bass/Dub

AVA Festival takes place in a cosy setting in Northern Ireland and is renowned for its house and techno music. This festival is held over 2 weekends and provides an electrifying music experience to music enthusiasts.


When: August

Where: Winchester, England

Genre: Drum&Bass/Dub, Dance/Electronic, Rock, Hip-Hop/Rap, Reggae, R&B/Soul, Pop, Afrobeat, Folk, Metal

Boomtown is a one-of-a-kind musical festival in Europe with immersive themed neighbourhoods, settings, and theatrical acts. It features a fusion of street theatre, circus acts, and music in styles ranging from reggae to pop, providing an unforgettable experience for attendees.

Hideout Festival

When: Late June

Where: Zrće Beach, Croatia

Genre: Drum&Bass/Dub, Dance/Electronic

Croatia hosts an incredible musical experience at the Hideout Festival. This festival offers a nonstop party atmosphere, concentrating on house and techno DJs, owing to top-notch performers spanning diverse genres.


When: June

Where: Manchester, England

Genre: Pop, Hip-Hop/RapDance/Electronic, Drum&Bass/Dub, Alternative/Indie

Parklife occurs annually at two parks in Manchester, England and features performances spanning various genres, including indie, alternative, hip-hop, and dance music across different stages.

Ultra Europe

When: July

Where: Split, Croatia

Genre: Dance/Electronic

Ultra Europe provides a Croatian edition of the EDM festival, featuring renowned DJs playing house, trance, and techno for three days along the Adriatic coast.

TRNSMT Festival

When: Early July

Where: Glasgow, Scotland

Genre: Rock, Alternative/Indie, Pop, Hip-Hop/RapDance/Electronic

TRNSMT Festival is one of the major music festivals that is held at a park in Glasgow, Scotland. TRNSMT hosts rock and pop performers on three stages, drawing thousands of visitors every year.

Wireless Festival

When: Early July

Where: London, United Kingdom

Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap, R&B/Soul

A significant UK music event called Wireless Festival is held in London and Birmingham and focuses on modern R&B, pop, rap, and grime. It draws well-known hip-hop figures and has an urban music feel.

Reading Festival

When: Late August

Where: Reading, England

Genre: Pop, Hip-Hop/RapDance/Electronic, Drum&Bass/Dub, Alternative/Indie

Reading Festival is a 3-day festival boasts lineups of renowned artists from diverse genres. The aesthetically pleasing setting, delectable food and enthusiastic community elevate the festival's vibe.

Leeds Festival

When: Late August

Where: Leeds, England

Genre: Pop, Hip-Hop/RapDance/Electronic, Drum&Bass/Dub, Alternative/Indie

Held in a beautiful location in England, the Leeds festival is a 3-day festival that is known for its stellar performances. Music enthusiasts from around the world flock to this festival and enjoy the performances of their favorite artists.

Mad Cool Festival

When: July

Where: Madrid, Spain

Genre: Metal, Hip-Hop/Rap, Alternative/Indie, Pop, Blues, Rock, Dance/Electronic, Jazz, R&B/Soul, Folk, Country

Mad Cool is a 4-day music festival in Madrid, Spain, featuring a mix of well-known musical personalities and rising independent artists. People who enjoy the music of diverse genres should attend this event.

Primavera Sound

When: Early June

Where: Barcelona, Spain

Genre: Dance/Electronic, Alternative/Indie, Pop, Rock, Hip-Hop/Rap, Punk, R&B/Soul, Folk, Drum&Bass/Dub

Primavera Sound is an incredible 4-day music festival that takes place in the heart of Europe and features a wide range of artists. Its pleasing musical environment will provide you with a mesmerizing experience.

Tomorrowland Winter

When: March

Where: Alpe d'Huez, France

Genre: Dance/Electronic, Drum&Bass/Dub

Tomorrowland Winter is held annually and has become synonymous with musical pilgrimage for music enthusiasts. This event is a multicultural gathering with electrifying performances from artists across genres, including EDM, house, and techno.